Destinations to spend the month of December for Christmas

There is an unspoken desire in each and every mind to travel the whole world without restrictions. It is hard to control a crazy foot whose wish is to explore the world and have a taste of a new life. As the saying goes a person without traveling goals is nothing just a body without a soul. Travelling is much more important in discovering the bright soul inside yourself. Leave all your belongings behind, pack your stuff, and come out and discover the world. But one limitation lies in front, picking the place to travel, and in the month of December during Christmas. worry not, here are some of the countries which will give you refuge in the harsh cold weather of December. You will experience the warmth and pleasures of your desire to travel.

christmas tree in town square

Spain for Christmas

The excitement of the Christmas month celebrations is hard to get over from in Spain. Spain is an all in one destination in the month of December. It is one of the warmest places in Europe. Enjoying a long walk in the streets of Gran via is a one-time experience. Not to mention the good Tapas and exclusive wines at Mercado San Anton. The architectural display in the city of Barcelona is far way more noticeable. One of them being the big Roman Catholic Church.


This is a place full of sunshine. Fascinating scenic beauty, rich in cultural heritage, and beautiful sandy beaches. The temperatures here are highly dependent on the location with the warmer weather being at the coastal region and inland having the cooler temperatures. Altogether, this makes it the best place to enjoy the harsh month of December.

Egypt for Christmas

The country also is known to as the pharaoh’s country. The interesting tombs and sizzling temples are an experience that you don’t want to miss. The place is popular for fascinating deserts and also for scuba diving.  You also get a chance to see the pyramids which you have been seeing in books all through. Obviously, it is a place worth visiting.


It is a Caribbean country and well known for nightlife and being an island country, it is full of adventures. Jamaica has one of the best tourist attractions sites; coral reefs, and beautiful mountains are amongst them. The weather in the month of December is warm and sunny and sometimes rains. But this should never discourage you because you will enjoy and love being there.

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