Use Your License To Kill And Dominate In Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D Guide

After playing this sensational first-person shooter game for some time now, I was quite enamored with this volley of fantastic weaponry. I found that guns are clinical in Pixel Gun 3D and you need to use them for shooting your way right up to the top. There are different types of guns catering to different sorts of timings, situations and obviously usages. Using them at the right time and in the right way is what makes you clinch it eventually. For me, this was a real challenge and an exciting one. The first in line is the amazing Laser Minigun. This gun has abundant ammunition piled in the weapon and many gamers have actually used it for winning matches after matches.

I found that Dragon breath is one gun that matches up to the efficacy of minigun. However it falls slow and short on some account. For those who are saving gems, this one needs to be your first purchase. You can use the solar power cannon for inflicting huge area damage. The dragon Breath volume 1 is another great choice in this regard. However, you need persevere for it. It performs way better than the awesome Minigun.

Things do get frustrating if you miss out on a target, but the loud sound and instant wall break more than compensates for the target miss. If you have good accuracy and timing, the sniper is surely your tool. You also have the Prototype normal version, which is another viable choice in this regard. For this into sniper acts, this gun can sure fetch you good results. It’s very powerful and rated, but it has limited capacity. There is only four of it and takes longer to reload. You can always upgrade it to higher versions to increase its lethality. However, if you’re using the pixel gun 3d coin hack, there’s no need of upgrades or any worry. You can obtain the resources and shoot your way to the top without worrying about ammo.

The ingrained and legit lethality of the laser gun should be 19-21 while it’s a whopping 27-29 for the Dragon Breath up1. Now that’s some mind-rattling difference with numbers. Imagine the magnitude of damage you can bring with these weapons. You just have to toil for obtaining them. You also need to use them in proper manner. A lot of times I have found that gamers use it the wrong way by shooting it far from the body and shooting it far away. You need to be in closer range of your foe, try to confine or tap them to corner and then fire.

The best maps are there to be used for this purpose. You have the Prototype up2 next in line. This one’s a fantastic sniper gun capable of piercing walls. I’ve found that this gun can effectively exploit all the glitches present in the maps. Being a true sniper, the weapon can kill one creature with one shot. So, you better be ready and accurate. If it hits, it’s bull’s eye. Even a max steel armor cannot save the one from getting killed by a headshot from this most lethal sniper. The only pitfall for this otherwise terrific weapon is its sluggish and limited fire rate.

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